CyberStat for Home

CyberStat for Home
Control your air-conditioner from anywhere anytime.

Your HVAC system accounts for half of your utility bills. CyberStat makes it easy to save on energy costs for your first and second homes by giving you the power to control your heating and cooling systems instantly—from any location.

Coming home late? CyberStat lets you temporarily disable your schedule right from the office. Just enable it when you’re heading home. Winterize your vacation home in seconds by turning off the heat or setting it to a safe temperature, right from your phone.

CyberStat connects to the Internet through your wi-fi network, letting you control your heating and air conditioning systems from across the room or from another city, state or country, with equal ease. Free webapps are available for iPhone, iPad, Android and PCs. It’s that easy.

  • 1) DOES NOT REQUIRE A PAID MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION TO ACCESS VIA THE INTERNET. 2) Very simple and intuitive programming. 3) Good email and phone support. Not really much else to say; does what needs to be done, no frills, best solution.

  • When I go away from home longer then normal, I can set the CyberStat to low temperature and to manual mode so it will stay there. And I can return the CyberStat to program mode and a higher temp before I travel home. I save while I am away and the house is warm when I arrive. That is why I have this unit and it does that perfectly.

  • I did the installation in a Vacation house and now I can turn On my A/C before the arrival date from any place in the world and find the house at the desired temperature. It's a great and affordable Item that can make you save a lot of $ in energy billing. I'm very happy with this Thermostat and almost 50% less price than others.



plus 6% tax in Kentucky

    • Control your thermostat from anywhere, any time.
    • No hub or gateway required. Works with your existing 802.11b/g Wi-Fi wireless router.
    • Our web app works within your favorite web browser.
    • No need to download and install an app on each mobile device you own.
    • Control all of your CyberStats from one account.
    • Get email alerts for high and low temperatures. If thermostat is not communicating due to power outage or any other reason, you get an offline alert.
    • Our large bright temperature display can be read from across the room. No need to go to the front of the thermostat and wake it up to see the temperature.
    • If enabled, the Adaptive Recovery feature starts your thermostat ahead of schedule to give you the temperature you want at your schedule.

Note: In absence of a wi-fi connection, CyberStat will function as an ordinary digital thermostat.


      • Part Number: CY1201WF
      • Item Weight: 4.8 ounces
      • Product Dimensions: 150mm x 95mm x 24mm
      • Maximum Control Current: 400mA (any terminal)
      • Power Supply: 24v AC HVAC transformer or 24v AC external power supply
      • Display Style: LED
      • Heat Pump:
        • 1 stage cooling
        • 2 stage heating (1 compressor + 1 aux)
        • Independent fan control
      • Conventional heating and cooling:
        • 1 stage heating
        • 1 stage cooling
        • Independent fan control
      • Does not work with line voltage heaters
      • Schedules support 7 days, 4 periods
      • Settings are retained across power outages
      • View Owner’s Manual



      • CyberStat runs on 24v AC supplied by HVAC system. It requires a common wire in your thermostat wiring.
      • If you do not have a common wire, you will need an external 24v AC power supply.
      • If you have a two-wire system, you will need an external 24v AC power supply.
      • In some cases, fan wire can be converted to common wire. However, conversion requires more skills and is not suitable for everyone. Read user’s manual to see what is involved.
Remote Access to CyberStat is through our cloud server using our web app. We do not provide any API for accessing the thermostat directly. We have consciously chosen this path as it provides the easiest and safest way to get connected for most consumers. This approach does not require a static IP or opening a hole in your firewall.

API’s and custom solutions are available to our business partners and high volume customers. Please fill out our business inquiry form for more information.

If you are not completely satisfied with CyberStat, simlpy return it to us within 30 days and recieve a full refund. Motison will provide return shipping label upon request. Customer is responsible for any installation and uninstallation costs. No Return Mercandise Authorization (RMA) is required. Customer must include a copy of purchase receipt.

Although not a requirement, Motison urges its customers to indicate a reason for return.

(This offer is valid only for purchases made from Other websites may have different, sometimes more favorable, return policy.)

All products we sell carry a 2-year warranty on parts. Warranty does not cover installation or uninstallation costs. See product user’s manual for more details.
Even beyond 30 day trial period, CyberStat carries a cash value for up to a year. If the technology becomes obsolete or you just want to upgrade, we stand ready to buyback your CyberStat. The cash you receive will depend on months of use calculated by this formula: Cash Value = Purchase Price x [(12 – months of use) / 12]. Customer is responsible for shipping the product to Motison. Requires a proof of purchase.