Our Products

CY1201WF - Basic Home Use

Take your thermostat anywhere you go. CyberStat for basic home use can be upgraded with a Virtual Outdoor Temperature Sensor and a digital lock for rental properties.

CY1201WFR - For Rental Properties

Set temperature controls for your tenants and manage your heating and cooling systems wherever you are. Can be upgraded with a Virtual Outdoor Temperature Sensor.

SW1201R - Digital Lock Software Upgrade

Reduce abuse and monitor your rental properties remotely with our upgrade for CY1201 and CY1201FW models. Easily disable heating, cooling or fan modes, and set minimum and maximum temperatures on the console or web app.

SW1201TS - Virtual Outdoor Temperature Sensor

Virtual Outdoor Temperature Sensor monitors the weather in your area and automatically switches to the most efficient heat source. No installation or re-wiring required—it all happens through a remote temperature sensor. Compatible with CY1201WF or newer models.