How They Work

How Does It Work?

CyberStat connects to our cloud servers through your wi-fi network, letting you control your heating and air conditioning systems from across the room or in another city, state or country, with equal ease. Access your thermostat from iPhone, iPad, Android and PCs using our webapp. It’s that easy.

Features & Benefits

  • Control your thermostat from anywhere, any time.
  • No hub or gateway required. Works with your existing 802.11b/g Wi-Fi wireless router.
  • Our web app works within your favorite web browser.
  • No need to download and install an app on each mobile device you own.
  • Control all of your CyberStats from one account.
  • Get email alerts for high and low temperatures. If thermostat is not communicating due to power outage or any other reason, you get an offline alert.
  • Our large bright temperature display can be read from across the room. No need to go to the front of the thermostat and wake it up to see the temperature.
  • If enabled, the Adaptive Recovery feature starts your thermostat ahead of schedule to give you the temperature you want at your schedule.

Note: In absence of a wi-fi connection, CyberStat will function as an ordinary digital thermostat.

Special Savings for Heat Pump Users

If you’re a heat pump user, CyberStat allows you to independently control which heating source you want to use—even if you’re halfway around the world. You can easily switch between auxiliary heating and compressor heating depending on the weather.

Don’t want to worry about it? With our Virtual Outdoor Temperature Sensor*, we’ll monitor the weather in your area for you and switch the most appropriate heat source. No installation is required—it all happens through a remote temperature sensor.

*Requires a software upgrade, sold separately. Only users who have heat pump with auxiliary heat will benefit from this upgrade. Please note that outside weather is not displayed on the thermostat.

CyberStat Product Shot