About Us

Who We Are

We are Motison, Inc.

Since opening in 2010, our focus has been designing remote thermostats that are easy to use. We’re now in production of our second generation of CyberStat wi-fi enabled smart thermostats for residential and rental property use.
As we continue to grow, our goal is to engineer products that benefit people’s lives and meet every day needs.

August 2012

Taking a simple idea through to a finished project by building a solid business foundation.

August 2013

Second generation CyberStat CY1201 is launched. Compatible with 802.11 b and g routers. Added SoftAP for easy installation from Android devices. Features brightness control, Adaptive Recovery, temperature calibration and temperature swing adjustment. Robust power supply and wiring connector.

August 2014

CY1201WF is launched. Off-board temperature sensor for better temperature reading. Independent heating stage control for better economy. Available with Virtual Outdoor Temperature Sensor.